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Creative Professional


Kelsie Lilly is a multi-disciplinary artist whose creative output includes mural making, graphic design, scenic design, printmaking, sculpture, body painting, and developing community art programs. Much of her work is inspired by outside elements such as nature and man made structures where she builds a relationship between opposing forces with bold colors, lines, and movement. Kelsie most enjoys creating collaboratively and in the presence of music and dance, and reflects that energy into her work. 


In 2015 Kelsie co-founded ifacepaint, a group of local artists who provide body painting at public and private events across Greater Philadelphia with 10 years of experience in the field.  

Kelsie graduated from the College of Creative Arts at West Virginia University in her home state in 2014. Philadelphia has been her adopted home ever since! She lives with her fiancé Kevin Powell, a songwriter and musician, and her dog Pretty Girl aka Peegers in North Philadelphia. When not in the studio, office, or working events, Kelsie enjoys renovating her home, visiting art galleries, watching theater performances, and dancing at a variety of music concerts.  

I value the tangible and metaphysical alliance between people, space, and creative processes. 

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