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Creative Professional

I value the tangible and metaphysical alliance between people & space that arts and culture has the ability to stabilize & sustain.  As a creative professional  I harness the dynamic skills and passions necessary for developing, managing, and evaluating creative systems and people.  An important goal I have for my work is to break cultural and economic barriers with actions and conversations revolving around creating. The arts have the  opportunity to function as a  liaison between the needs and loves that the people of a community must be in reach of as a symbol of equity.


My professional mission mimics that of my hobbies and personal life.  I use 2d and 3d  art techniques to create responsive mark making compositions that communicate messages I feel is important through an abstract view point. 

I am thankful for the journey I have experienced, the process that has curated my self being, and I aim to be a catalyst to inspire others. 

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