Creative Placemaking


I currently define Creative Placemaking as the collection of problem solving tactics used to address challenges facing specific communities, a formula that encourages creative and unique solutions, and brings power to a place. It is the call of action that identifies community members as valuable assets in society and turns their collective voices into motion to enable change.

Cross-sector partnerships between policymakers & people of power, community leaders & residents is essential to creative placemaking because systemic issues are deeply rooted. No single organization has the tools or knowledge to answer tough problems. Creative placemkaing  requires collective impact to tackle more than just what is on the surface. 

As a creator, I play a pivotal role as a creative placemaker through the connection of people and place. Art builds and strengthens relationships when created with equity & hard history, and when it is equally apart of the design process. My mission is to aid the people in leaving their imprint & telling their story while igniting the cultural opportunities of a place.   

My perspective of Creative Placemaking is ever evolving as I gain the experiences necessary. It is a vast field full of diverse professionals, dedicated to learning and growing from one another.  Follow along in my blog below for a peek into some community work I have been apart of.