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Prism Water Pipes Drippy Decal Collection


What is a water pipe? Well. Its is an efficient and safe device used to consumer loose flower or tobacco. When using a water pipe, the toxins in the smoke are filtered through water which is often separated through different chambers and disks. The nasty bits stay locked in the water, leaving a more purified (not totally) inhale of the good stuff.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the team at Prism Water Pipes, a local Philadelphia Water Pipe manufacturing company, to create a custom decal for the glass parts. This decal is almost like a sticker that is applied perfectly to the glass and then baked in a kiln at 14oo degrees Fahrenheit.

We hoped to target a broad audience with the design; something that would appeal to all gender spectrums and age groups. Ideas started loose based on the teams wants, and the design concept grew from there.

An exciting challenge for the design concept of the Drippy Collection is that Prism Water Pipes specializes in a modular design. Meaning, their pipes are separated into sections (at least two) and are connected using engineer crafted lever and twist clamps. Its very cool and unique! So, the decal design needed to flow into each section and compliment the shape, size, and color of many different class sections.

Another great aspect of Prism is that you are able to custom build your own pipe using a variety of decals, parts, and colors. On their website, you can edit and play with a 3d rendering of a pipe and change parts and colors in and out to fill the needs of your style and budget!

Check out the website to play around, and maybe go ahead and TREAT - YO - SELF to a new toy!


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